Variabile - Az. agricola DonnaLia

Grape: Blend

Designated zone: Red Wine

Production area: Salussola (BI) Piemonte (Italy)

Exposure: south

Planting year: 1960 – 2010

Terrain Features: Morainic, rocky, well draining soil

Vine Training System: Guyot

Planting Density: 3000 plants/ha

Yield per Hectar: 35 q/ha

Harvesting Period: Middle of September – Begin of Octobre

Fermentation: in concrete tanks for 15 days

Fermentation temperature: 26-2º

Quality Denomination: Red wine

Aging:12 months in steel barrels then 12 months in barrique and oak tonneaux.

Description: A red wine which recaptures the ancient tradition of our estate. In times past, the local cellar-hands would collect grapes from several varieties and vinify them by mixing them together. From this method came a simple, underworked wine, primarily used for daily consumption. Today we keep this tradition alive, vinifying the grapes separately, then
assembling them in a “variable” manner by type and percentage, depending on their availability and features.

Packaging: bottle 0.75L, boxes of 6 bottles.

Serving temperature: Serve at 15-16° C.